April Grislason ~ Singer - Songwriter - Musician

Teaching Philosophy

For those interested in taking vocal or guitar lessons or know of someone who is, on this page you will learn more about my teaching philosophy and general information on lessons. Click here for topics and lesson information. Contact me for vocal and guitar lessons - lessons@aprilgislason.com.

I believe we learn something new every day. Whatever age you are, you are never too old to learn. Everyone should take time out of their day to do something special, something you love and enjoy, and something you have a passion for. I seem to hear this statement quite a lot these days, “I am so busy and I just don’t have enough time.” Can this be healthy? A lifestyle change may be in order and you may want to take another look at how you live each day of your life.

A very rewarding, joyful and fulfilling part of my life has not only been in performing, but teaching and coaching vocal and guitar students for the past fifteen years. I have students that are of all different ages and range from beginners to professionals. What I experience from connecting with students at all stages of development is in helping them get to the next level and watching how excited they get from seeing their own improvement.
Here in our home studio we provide a warm comfortable environment to work in and explore your instrument. Creating a trusting student-teacher relationship is very important to me as well as an atmosphere where you can thrive and learn.

Success in anything requires discipline and commitment, which are key ingredients in seeing (and hearing) results. Putting the time and effort in, do pay off and it should be fun. You might think of it as, “It’s time to play, rather than it’s time to practice.” And then you just do it again and again and gradually you get better. That’s how it works. It is my hope and desire to inspire students with constructive focus and gentle encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you to reach your goals.

Contact me for vocal and guitar lessons - lessons@aprilgislason.com.

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