April Grislason ~ Singer - Songwriter - Musician


Welcome...Welcome...Welcome...!!! So glad you could stop by and visit !  I wish I could serve you a nice hot cup of java, tea or herbal tea and sit and have a chat in my kitchen, but that's not so easy to do via my website. I invite you to come on in and have a read by using the drop down menus and/or perusing photos, videos, etc. My site will morph at various times, seeing as life changes everyday. I welcome you and hope that you will find my website full of the information you might be searching for. Be it… where I might be performing in a jazz trio or quartet or rockin’ out in a club close by. Listening to music on the net is the thing now and I have a few for you to listen to on the “Acousticats” and “Chris Millington Big Band” pages. For those of you needing information about voice lessons & coaching or guitar lessons then yes, you are at the right place. Start by learning a little about me on the About April page.

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